About Gordon

Learn more about Gordon and why he is fighting for you on behalf of the Reform Party.

Hi, I'm Gordon Scott and I am the Reform UK constituency spokesman for Torbay. I am a discretionary investment manager at present, but I have formerly worked as an accountant, yacht mate, captain, steward and chef. By education I am an historian and personally I am a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ.

It is from my historical and biblical knowledge that I understand that the current extent of government intervention in our lives is not compatible with our national conscience of fairness and freedom. Our notion of fairness comes from our understanding that we are all equal which is ultimately biblical, deriving from Genesis 1, where God entrusted earth to man, not to any government.

This truth is preserved in several of our constitutional laws such as the Bill of Rights which asserts that no declarations, judgements, doings or proceedings (shall be done) to the prejudice of the people. It seems to me that government has forgotten where it stands in this relationship which is beneath the people and needs to understand that it is appointed by the people and answerable to them.

Fundamentally, I believe in people, their ability to do good to one another and their desire to live in peace with their neighbours. However, government evidently does not and proceeds to write and vote through legislation that inhibits more and more aspects of our lives. This process now seems never ending and is only likely to stop if we stand up and say no to government technocrats.

In standing for you, I shall endeavour to fight against all legislation that is being written to the detriment of the population and fight to remove existing legislation as far as I can. I am convinced that, with the administrative state restricted, the country will begin to find its soul again and we can work together to restore trust in our institutions and Make Britain Great Again!