The Reform Party

As a nation we have so much potential, so much that we should be optimistic about. We can make Britain great again.

Why Reform?

I have chosen to stand for Reform UK as they align best with my principles and are the only political party that are listening to people and endeavouring to provide solutions to our problems. I believe that the inability of incumbent political parties to address the issues that affect normal people requires that we form a new party, Reform UK, to resolve this. The party have agreed upon a set of principles that they wish to govern by that I have set out below.

There are 8 key principles that guide the policies of the Reform party. Take a look below to find out more

The State is our servant not our master

Governments must recognise they may only govern by consent, that the people hold the power over them.

People are free

Certain freedoms, rights and liberties should always be guaranteed, regardless of circumstance. Governments must demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt when limiting freedoms that it is to conducive to the common good. Freedom of speech, faith, expression and conscience should always be guaranteed.

The tax burden should always be minimal

Governments should reduce taxes to a minimum and demonstrate value for money for every pound spent.

Property-owning Democracy

People should have the right to ownership of property and goods without the burden of undue taxation or predatory practices by larger entities. Cash must also be preserved as a way of limiting the power of the state and other bodies.

Defence of the Realm

The Government's first duty is to defend the people from foreign and domestic threats to life, property and liberty.

Minimum Free
Enterprise Regulations

Regulations should not benefit larger organisations over smaller entities. The focus of regulation should be on protecting the rights of the consumer and employees from harm.

Certain duties belong only to the State

0nly the state should provide defence, policing, judicial functions, border security and prisons.

National sovereignty

The Government should protect at all times our institutions, democratic process, culture and national discourse from undue foreign, supranational or corporate influence.